What do people gain from all their labors at which they toil under the sun?   Ecclesiastes 1:3

I’ve been writing these posts for a year now.  For some reason, I set a personal goal of doing two of them a week – one on Tuesday, and another on Friday.  I am still learning how to improve them even though I’ve done almost 100 of them.   Some readers want them shorter; others have suggested that I do only one a week.

As to the length, I’m trying to shorten them, although it is a struggle to fully cover a topic in fewer words. I really don’t intend them to be a daily devotional which need to be short and pithy, but I am editing the content by making them shorter where possible.

My eldest son, who is a writer by occupation, suggested that I make my paragraphs much shorter since many would be reading it on an iPhone or iPad. As he said, people get lost in long paragraphs.  Good to know.

Over time, I added some things that individualized them and made the posts more my personality, such as adding a picture at the beginning which graphically was tied to the content of the post.  Later, I added a song that was also added at the end which had, in my opinion, some connection to the topic.  The songs reflect my love of worship music.

Some posts require extensive research, so I added references under “Further Study” so readers could go deeper if they desired.  The most recent addition was something that I called “Mentor Takeaway” which was a concise aspirational statement to any mentor of how he or she might apply my theme with a mentee.

Feedback has been rare, except for a few who often don’t write comments but tell me that they enjoyed my posts.  One friend, Ralph Ennis, with whom I’ve met for close to 25 years on a regular basis, always comments on the pictures because his ministry is directed to the next generation who relate more to pictures than to words.

One of my readers, Catherine Miller, has been reading my blog for a while. She told me that these posts would make a great book to give to my grandchildren.

My grandkids call me “Landaddy” which is a compression of “Liz’s daddy” and “granddaddy” (my daughter’s name is Liz).  My eldest grandchild coined it years ago and it stuck. I’ve toyed with the book idea, and think I will pursue it.

It will be called “The Best of Landaddy” and will be a volume of my posts which will give my grandkids and their children a peek into the thoughts and mind of their grandfather. I never had that chance with my own grandfather who was a great writer. We threw away his letters years ago. I wish I had kept them.

So, getting back to the title of this post, I am going to change things up for the near term and go to a schedule of one post a week.  Hopefully, it will meet all your expectations – shorter in length with short paragraphs and pithy.

My wife and I have a full travel schedule coming up. I go to Togo in May for a ministry meeting, and I am taking John Mark with me.  Yes, that’s not a misprint.  I’ve been mentoring a young man here whose name is John Mark Hopson, and invited him to go with me. He jumped at the chance, without knowing what we would be doing. Unbeknownst to me, his uncle had been a missionary to Togo.

In July, we will be traveling to Europe with my son and his three children, and we’ll be taking a fourth grandchild (Sarah) with us on a 6-country trip.  My wife has lovingly said that it is to be a vacation with no distractions (i.e. no new posts for the month of July).

Instead, I plan to rewrite some of my early posts which newer readers may not have seen.  Some of them are long time favorites of mine – posts like “Eleven Inches” or “1,000 Marbles”. Others were original to me and I think the topic is relevant enough to be repeated.

Thank you to all who have joined me on this journey, many of you silently. As long as I know someone is benefitting from my blog, I will continue it because I know that someone gains something from my writing.

WORSHIP:  Listen to Chris Tomlin sing “God of the City” where the lyrics say that “Greater things are yet to be done and greater things are yet to come ….in this City”:

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3 thoughts on “Transitions

  1. Thank you Uncle Bill, you are doing a good job,l am blessed by the post, though l will prefer it shorter.
    l sometimes forward them to people who l believe will find it usefuluseful. It takes a lot of discipline to writing regularly. God bless you.

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