Mentoring 101

Even when I am old and gray, do not forsake me, my God, till I declare your power to the next generation, your mighty acts to all who are to come. Psalm 71:18

I was privileged to be interviewed on Steve Noble’s radio show in Raleigh last week. He currently has a national network. Steve and I go back a long while. We both participate in a Friday morning bible study – one that I’ve been attending since 1983.

He started his radio show about 15 years ago. When Steve invited me, I asked him if there was any particular topic he had in mind. His answer:  “No, I just want to talk about mentoring.”

So we did. Below are two links. The first is a podcast of the radio show. The second is the video of the interview. The video covers the discussion that continued between the three station breaks.

Several (including my son) have suggested that I do podcasts but I’ve never quite gotten the courage to tackle another technology challenge.  This may be as close to one as I will get.

By the way, all of Steve Noble’s shows become podcasts which you can access through your podcast app, or search on YouTube or Facebook for the videos. I recommend them. He is lively and entertaining from a Christian worldview.

The show was entirely unscripted. Just question and answer. My wife thought I did a “good job” and was glad I used humor. She even said that she thought I sounded like my son who does podcasts frequently for Motley Fool.  I prefer to think that he sounds like me, his father, but that’s just me.

The interview gives some insights into mentoring as well as  an introduction to what MentorLink does.

I hope you enjoy it.




MENTOR TAKEAWAY:  To those of mentoring age, please use these resources for others who may be considering taking up the investment in the lives of the next generation.

MentorLink: For more information about MentorLink, go to

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