Six Months


For the secret power of lawlessness is already at work; but the one who now holds it back will continue to do so till he is taken out of the way. 2 Thessalonians 2:7

In my long lifetime, I don’t think I have ever witnessed a series of events so earth shattering as have occurred since the beginning of the year.  2020 started in a most normal way, and in America, the economy was chugging along with the lowest unemployment in decades.

That all changed when the coronavirus arrived.  Experts think that it landed in America in December, long before alarm bells went off in February. If so, it was undetected because no one had ever seen this variety before.

The states hit the hardest were ones that received travelers from China and Europe. Little was known about this virus at the time – how it spread, who was most at risk, and how contagious it was.   Because of the unknowns, governments including the U.S. established health protocols which included social distancing and businesses being closed.

Schools were closed, and colleges sent all students home. Many finished their curriculum on-line, including my grandchildren.

Countries were locked down; only “essential” commerce was left open. Policy decisions were being made on the fly based on data that predicted a pandemic which would have mirrored the Spanish flu a century ago which killed 50 million overall and 675,000 in the US alone.

What was deemed “essential” by policy makers was partisan.  Abortion clinics were deemed “essential” in liberal states, but hospitals were closed to “non-essential” operations such as providing cancer treatments and elective surgery.  It’s estimated that some 60,000 people in the U.S. who had cancer went undetected during the shutdown.

People were fearful. Being isolated takes its toll emotionally and mentally. Interaction with others went from in person contact to Zoom overnight. No one had ever heard of Zoom until March of this year, yet it now a platform for connectivity.

And then, a terrible episode of police brutality occurred when George Floyd, a black man, was choked to death by a white police officer in Minneapolis.  Outrage at a level unseen in years was unleashed.

Peaceful protests turned violent; riots, looting took over sparked by groups that were less interested in the death of a black man than in using the event as a rallying cry to overturn our country as we know it.

Black Lives Matter became the slogan.  And then a movement.  It was a rallying cry for the victims.  But as the peaceful protests turned violent, the same influencers took over the movement so that it is really a Marxist front to destroy America from the inside.

This has an eerie familiarity to the Weather Underground. It was the violent side of Students for Democratic Society (a campus movement) in riots around the country in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. Federal buildings were bombed, and many people died.

It was designated a domestic terrorist organization by the FBI, which infiltrated it resulting in the arrest and convictions of many of its leaders. The members disappeared into society by 1980, but their influence stayed on campuses.

We are paying the price for their existence to this day. The movement left behind a 186-page manifesto called Prairie Fire which details their strategy to overthrow the government through popular protest. It listed 6 guiding strategies:

  • Destroy Capitalism (Occupy Wall Street).
  • The weapon of choice: systemic racism and reform police (defund police)
  • Identify a victim class (blacks).
  • Organize the victims the victim class (BLM).
  • Coordinate with the international movement (i.e. socialism and communism).
  • Attack and Dethrone God (socialism).

It comes as no surprise that one of the fund raisers for BLM is Susan Rosenberg, a member of the Weather Underground who was sentenced to 58 years in prison for terrorist acts. Her sentence was commuted by President Clinton on the last day of his presidency.

We stand at the precipice of history. Covid-19 has had a chill in the marketplace for normal interaction, and the voices of the BLM movement are shrill in the streets. But make no mistake about it, the BLM movement is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Many of the activists are millennials, but Gen Z is a generation of activists who have been unified by social media. They are, in the words of one member, ready for a revolution – “in the streets, online and in the polls”.

I have written numerous times of the impact of the digital world in making sound bites a substitute for critical thinking. Gen Z is woefully deficient in history, and many have gotten a distorted education due a rewrite of history like the 1619 Project.  The latter is an attempt to characterize our country’s beginnings as flawed and without redemption.

As Christians, we understand that the world is sinful due to the events in the Garden. Man is capable of doing unspeakable acts. Fortunately, Christ came to redeem all of us from sin. He offered grace which is unmerited favor. It’s a message of freedom and redemption that needs to be retold.

The challenge is clear: We need to interact more with the next generation, not less. If they don’t hear truth from their parents and mentors, they are certainly not going to get it on social media.

MENTOR TAKEAWAY: As mentors, you have a prime opportunity to bring truth into the lives of your mentees.

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2 thoughts on “Six Months

  1. Fred Berkheimer says:

    Bill, Great post! How do we educate our nation? As Jefferson said, “democracy is only possible with and educated population.” (Not an exact quote but my memory of it.)

    Fred Berkheimer 45 Sawmill Road East Pinehurst, NC. 28374 910-986-2258


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