Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. Hebrews 13:8

I woke up this morning thinking all of the election bruhaha would be over. Nope.  There will be a delay in calling winners and losers of various races around the country.  Lawsuits abound as to election fraud in several states. Seven Milwaukee, WI, wards reported more presidential votes than registered voters. 

In the 1950’s, Richard Daley, mayor of Chicago, famously said:  “Vote early and vote often.” The quote may have actually come from Al Capone, a famous gangster.  Still, it is a cynical phrase that may apply today. 

I did a political science research paper in college which looked at how voters chose their candidates. I found that in the presidential elections, candidates weren’t chosen by voters for their policies, but for their appearance, personality and appeal. In other words, personality (whether perceived or real) was more important to voters than what each candidate stood for.

As a consequence, political campaigns were all about making a candidate look “likeable” and trustworthy.  People voted on their impressions, not on substance nor political platforms or policies.

Fast forward into the 21st Century. While appearance and likeability are a factor, in this last election the choices were stark in terms of policies and ideologies. I watched a video by Gary Hamrick’s sermon where he treads on difficult issues of politics and the church. He does a similar sermon every four years prior to a presidential election.  

His premise is that if he was to vote for a candidate based on personality, he would vote one way. But he made the point that over the centuries, most people never cared about a king’s personality – they cared about what he did with his power. 

Gary continued with his analysis of the current election based on policies, not on candidates, from a biblical worldview.  His video is worth watching. 

He took several statements from each candidates’ platform without ascribing which one it came from and asked his audience which statement was consistent with a biblical worldview. Only after they chose which was consistent with biblical principles did he reveal which party had drafted the statement. 

His point – one that I have been making over the last six months – is that the hard pull of the progressive left towards socialism is dangerous, which is why he labeled his sermon “Wake Up America”.  As he noted, the Democratic party is not the same party of the 1960’s of John F. Kennedy, nor even the party of Bill Clinton.  

In fact, if Kennedy was up for election, he would be considered a conservative by most. It was Kennedy who posed the question: “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.”

That sentence has been reversed today in the guise of equality.  Organizations like Black Lives Matter and the drum beat of Critical Race Theory and Social Justice treats the black community as oppressed victims.  The push for reparations for slavery is an example. 

The next generation has been indoctrinated into thinking that revolution and socialism is the answer. This is pure Marxism, and Karl Marx would have been proud, even though he died in 1883. It is more than just ideology; this is a move to change the American democracy by undermining its institutions.

The indoctrination is not just in colleges where it has been taught under the radar for decades, and it is being advanced by mainstream media and social media which is increasingly progressive. As I noted, conservative or dissenting opinion is not welcome, and is often blocked, shadow banned by obliging large tech and social media companies run by progressives. 

If that was not enough, Robert Reich, former head of the U.S. Labor Department and a professor at University of California – Berkley, has proposed a post-election “Truth and Reconciliation Commission”. The stated purpose is to target and censor supporters of the other parties’ presidential candidate. You can’t make this up. This is a Banana Republicidea. 

When I got up this morning, it hit me that the next generation may not understand what the real issues are. The live in a post-modern and increasingly post-Christian world that is far detached from a biblical worldview. They are also woefully deficient in civics or history, and the majority of them (63%) don’t even know what the Holocaust was. 

How then, do we navigate the political arena with the next generation?  It is a world where everything is now politicized. Even things that shouldn’t, by their nature, be political, such as treatments and vaccines for Covid-19. 

While we live in am increasingly turbulent political time, we have one constant that we can cling to:  Jesus, who is the same yesterday, today and forever.

The challenge here is that the next generation is in desperate need of mentoring.  They need real world mentors with real world life experiences to help them navigate through the political thicket.  In a world where up is now down, and good is now bad, they need seasoned people to walk beside them.  

MENTOR TAKEAWAY:  You can’t mentor everyone. But investing in the life of just one person may be the most valuable contribution you can make for the Kingdom. Jesus only mentored the Apostles, not everyone He met.

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