The Woke Gospel


I warn everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this scroll: If anyone adds anything to them, God will add to that person the plagues described in this scroll. Revelation 22:18

Being “woke” is defined as being sensitive to injustice in society, particularly racism.  In America, only the black race matters which is being pushed forward by the Black Lives Matter movement in schoolsgovernmentuniversities, Hollywood, the militarycorporations, and even the study of mathematics.

Much of it is likely to end up in the courts as flouting the clear non-discrimination provisions of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Schools were designed to teach students how think, not what to think. Another word for this is indoctrination.

Asians and Latinos who have faced discrimination don’t get a seat at the table. It is a one horse race based on Critical Race Theory (CRT) which is historically flawed and a distortion of this country’s beginnings.  

It is a cultural pandemic that is now infecting our Churches. It is the age old question about Christianity – is the Gospel enough to deal with all cultural problems, or does it need a little help by inviting something from the outside to deal with race?

This issue is now a central issue in the Southern Baptist Convention where a measure was adopted stating that CRT and “intersectionality” are useful analytical lenses.  CRT is defined as something that “explain how race has and continues to function in society”.

Intersectionality is “the study how different personal characteristics overlap and inform one’s experience”.   Brad Jukovich of the Conservative Baptist Network, said that the SBC resolution is taking a “road that is twisting what God’s Word is saying about things like human sexuality, biblical racial reconciliation and socialistic justice.” I agree. 

In fact, I would go one step farther and state that this drift toward incorporating the “world’s values” is actually false teaching and those that advance it are false leaders.  

At a meeting of the MentorLink roundtable in Kenya several years ago, the international leadership were emphatic in wanting to have a tool to call out false leaders and teachers. The collective result can be found here

At every step along its path, the Christian church has balanced the sanctity of the Gospel with current world views which can easily creep in.  In the second century, for example, something grew called The Third Way.

The Third Way was a movement to recenter Christianity which had gone in two opposite directions at the time. One stream bought into, openly embraced and reflected culture. In other words, it looked like the it was “of the world” not just “in the world”.

The other stream went in the opposite direction into a classically separatist movement which put Christians in isolation from the world. Its isolation made it largely irrelevant to the surrounding culture.

The Third Way permitted Christians to engage the culture without compromise yet remain distinct without being isolated and irrelevant. At the center of the movement was the identity of Jesus and becoming a disciple by following Him. 

I am the first to admit that race has been, and probably always will be, a very difficult and complex issue for Christians. It is a personal one to my black brothers and sisters, which makes it personal to me.  I don’t see people as black or white. I see them for their character and potential. 

One of the big issues with CRT is that it eliminates any chance at redemption or forgiveness. You are judged on what a group did centuries before, and therefore you, as an individual, cannot be redeemed and there is no atonement.

Our God is a God of second chances, and he judges us individually, not as a group. Even King David was redeemed despite the fact that he had Uriah murdered to gain access to Bathsheba.  

On the last day when you stand before Christ at the judgment seat, He won’t be asking questions about your racial group. He will be asking what you did (or did not do) with your life, your talents and your gifts for the Kingdom.

The move by some to incorporate CRT into the Church is actually a move to say that it is the Bible plus something else which needs to solve racial problems.  I would only note that John, in the concluding paragraphs of Revelation, gave a stern warning that this is bad idea with dire consequences.

The challenge is that this pervasive philosophy and ideology which has Marxist beginnings is coming at the next generation from many directions, and now some churches are joining in that message.  Jesus, not the world’s values, is our Cornerstone.

MENTOR TAKEAWAYYour mentee may have had some level of exposure to CRT. You should educate yourself on the biblical worldview to be able to counter it.

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