The New Rules

Furthermore, just as they [those in Rome] did not think it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God, so God gave them over to a depraved mind, so that they do what ought not be done. Romans 1:28

As I look around at what is increasingly a Romans 1 world, I often have to stop myself because the changes have come so fast and are so pervasive. It’s hard to look at any aspect of life in this country that has not had dramatic changes in the past 15 months. 

I have watched these new trends unfold in rapid succession over the past year and have written about many of them.

Perhaps it was Covid-19 that acted as a triggering effect.  I am convinced that it had a role in the changes we are seeing in our country, its institutions, schools and government.  Everywhere, we are faced with a woke narrative that is premised on a distorted history and has Marxist roots. The result is to further divide the country, not bring it together.

Victor David Hansen recently wrote a piece in the Daily Signal which caught my eye.  It is titled “Ten Radical New Rules that are Changing America”.   I will cover several of the “new rules”  which are shaping our culture and our society before our very eyes. 

The first one is a change of our concept of money.  It is now a “construct” and under the economic theory called Modern Monetary Theory (MMT), money can be created out of “thin air” with no negative consequences. What could possibly go wrong? (Hint:  A lot!).

The second is that laws are no longer binding anymore. In a country that is based on a legal system and the rule of law for society, it apparently is now optional to follow laws you don’t like. Immigration laws are being ignored, and arrests, trials and prosecutions are being sidetracked by progressive district attorneys such as those in Philadelphia and Los Angeles

Predictably, crime is soaring  by 20% or more in cities where police are being defunded or policies make it difficult to get convictions for even serious felonies.  Car-jackings in Chicago are up 124%.

The next is:  “radicalism is now in vogue and acceptable”.  That makes it permissible to call someone racist because of their skin color, not based on who they are or what they have ever done. You are guilty until proven innocent which is upside down in a law system that is just the opposite.  

Instead of there being a commonality of being an American, we are now judged first on our ethnicity and our religion.  If you are white, denying that you are a racist now makes you more a racist. Get it?  The result is rules that openly discriminate against whites which is justified as an “unspoken payback for past sins”.  

Next, immigrants have more rights than U.S. citizens. While we are mandated to wear masks and remain socially distanced, illegal immigrants get a free pass.  Immigrants breaching our southern border are not given COVID tests, and recently, 82 teens immigrants housed in the San Diego Convention Center had COVID.  

What makes this maddening is that homelessness is a major problem in urban areas, yet the homeless are ignored, and all the attention is placed on immigrants. In some twisted logic, it is more human to let thousands of homeless people perpetually live on sidewalks using drugs and defecating on the streets than to fix the problem with affordable housing or providing mental health care.

Hypocrisy is dead. Virtue signaling is in. “Climate change activists fly on private jets” like John Kerrywho arrogantly justified his conduct by saying he was working hard on climate change. He managed to use 40 times the emissions by flying in his private jet to Iceland to accept an ice sculpture. Social justice advocates live in gated communities where the impact of their policies cannot be felt or even seen.

Cancel culture is “in” which is a throwback to the days of McCarthy in the early 1950’s when he ruined people lives in a quest to unearth communists in America. One wrong statement can and will cost you your reputation or even cost your job. Just ask parents in Loudon County, VA

The last two are particularly important because the next generation have largely been indoctrinated (I don’t know any other word to use here).   “Ignorance is now preferable to knowledge.”  Changing school names or toppling statutes of our founders and adopting the 1619 Project curriculum doesn’t “require any evidence of historical knowledge”.

And lastly, “wokeness is a new religion and is growing faster than Christianity” according to Hansen.  Let that sink in. It is not just a way to view racial justice; it is an ideology which demands conformity. The woke “gospel” is brought to us by Silicon Valley which is the “new Vatican”. In some ways, wokeness mirrors Islamist Jihadists.  Any person denying their creed is treated as an infidel; no redemption is allowed.

Hansen notes that American fear these rules but do so privately and publicly appear to accept these rules. In part that is because of the risk of public “flogging” on social media. 

The next Generation – particularly Gen Z – make decisions which are informed by equality for all and the woke culture overall, according to Tim Elmore. They are also an “anything goes” generation – they have grown up in an environment when “traditional morals are in question.” They feel betrayed by the older generation and are questioning “everything” just as the Boomers did in the 1960’s.

The challenge here is obvious. These new rules and the trends that underly them are taking this country by storm. I am sitting in Madison, GA right now, and I am reminded of Sherman’s union army march from Atlanta, GA to the ocean during the Civil War where he met little resistance. As a result almost every city in the way was destroyed (except Madison). 

Our next generation has questions just as prior generations have had,  but the traditional sources for getting answers has changed. We can no longer rely on schools to provide historically accurate answers. Mentors are needed to provide a correct historical and biblical context for our culture. 

MENTOR TAKEAWAY: Mentors can be heard over the media din if you have developed a trust relationship with your mentee. 

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One thought on “The New Rules

  1. Fred Berkheimer says:

    Bill, A great summary but quite a bit to bite off at once! Life has drastically changed in the past couple years. I hardly know our country any more. Rob. Dreher has nailed it! I am now into part 2 of his book and hope that it brings some suggestions that serve as Tums for my heartburn!!!

    Fred Berkheimer 45 Sawmill Road East Pinehurst, NC. 28374 910-986-2258


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